“We feel free because we lack the very language to articulate our unfreedom.” Slavoj Žižek (via randygrskovic)

The Real is not something out there which forever eludes us, i.e. ‘we cannot grasp it,’ ‘it’s too strong,’ whatever, ‘we forever fail,’ ‘every symbolization fails,’ ‘you try to grasp it, it eludes your grasp…’

The Real is the thing to which you cannot ever get a direct access, but it’s also the obstacle itself — what prevents you from getting the access to reality…

…the blind spot in your eye, what disturbs your image of reality is the Real. The obstacle in you which prevents you from seeing the way things are and things-in-themselves — they are the same.

What out there avoids you is here what prevents you [from getting it] — so that the Real is not out there avoiding you; the Real is your gaze itself; the partial character of your gaze itself.

Zizek [loosely quoted] on “the Lacanian Real,” Lecture 6, London 2006 (via sinthematica)

What if the way we perceive a problem is already part of the problem?

Slavoj Zizek

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“Social progress can be measured by the social position of the female sex.” Karl Marx (via wordsnquotes)

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“Do not allow yourselves to be deluded by the abstract word ‘freedom’. Whose freedom? It is not the freedom of one individual in relation to another, but the freedom of capital to crush the worker.” Karl Marx on “free trade”, 1848 (via socialismartnature)
sitty thing

sitty thing



Moses Bridge

This sunken bridge designed by Ro & AD Architects from the Netherlands, has in fact parted waters. The bridge is in the Netherlands and it is the most practical and fun way of accessing the stunning 17th century fortress.

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"The twelfth doctor, a hero for a whole new generation."

"The twelfth doctor, a hero for a whole new generation."

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